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Premarital Counseling

Memorial Heights Counseling Houston | Couples, Marriage, & Premarital Counseling in Houston
Program Topics​​


Our premarital counseling program covers many helpful topics that can help you create the lasting love you want, including:

  • The purpose and meaning of marriage

  • How to deepen intimacy

  • How to manage stress well

  • How to communicate

  • How to resolve conflict without hurting each other

  • Important conversations to have before you get married

  • How to stay in love for a lifetime

  • Communication pitfalls to avoid

  • How to affair-proof your marriage

  • How to have a healthy sex life

  • How to make decisions together

  • How to manage life transitions

  • How to fulfill your life dreams together

  • And much more!

Premarital Counseling Program


For engaged or nearly engaged couples, Memorial Heights Counseling offers a premarital counseling program to help you create a love that lasts.

Our premarital counseling program focuses on giving you the skills you need at the beginning of your relationship to be successful together. You will learn how to communicate well, overcome differences, and resolve conflict.

The program is designed to be flexible and focused on your needs while preparing you for a lifelong commitment. You and your partner can choose to either complete the program in six separate hour-long sessions over the course of several weeks or in two separate three-hour long sessions over the course of two days. At the end of our time together, you will receive personalized recommendations on your next steps for your life together.

Premarital counseling sessions are $250 per hour. For more information about premarital counseling or any of our other services, please complete the appointment request form or contact me.

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