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Couples & Family

Memorial Heights Counseling Houston | Individual, Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling in Houston
Couples Counseling


At Memorial Heights Counseling, I know that one of the best investments you can make for your family and yourself is in the health and quality of your relationship. I offer several ways for couples to invest in their relationship.

For couples currently experiencing difficulties, I provide couples counseling focused on deepen your love for each others, solving your shared problems, and improving your communication skills.

I am trained and experienced in helping couples recover from infidelity and affairs or who are considering separation or divorce.

Additionally, I offer premarital counseling for couples looking to learn the skills they need to create a love that lasts. Read more about our premarital counseling program and discover whether it's right for you here.

Couples & Family Counseling


Our relationships and families are the foundation on which we build the rest of our lives. We find our joy, meaning, and purpose from these important relationships. Couples counseling can help strengthen this foundation by improving communication, deepening empathy, and creating a meaningful life together. At Memorial Heights Counseling, I offer services for families and couples at different stages in life in order to help you have the kinds of relationships you want.

For couples looking to strengthen their bond, heal from past wounds, or learn to communicate in healthy ways, I provide couples counseling that will help you deepen your relationship and weather the storms of life together. I also offer premarital counseling for those looking to learn the skills they need to create a love that lasts.

For parents of children or teens looking to sharpen their skills, I offer parent education workshops and parent coaching so you can help your child thrive as they grow. 

Couples or family sessions are $250 per 45 minute session, but longer session times may be recommended depending on your treatment goals. For more information couples or family counseling, please complete the appointment request form or contact me. All counseling services are currently being offered online.

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