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Memorial Heights Counseling Houston | Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling in Houston

Frequently Asked Questions

As you look for a therapist to help you meet your personal goals, you may have many questions. Here are some answers to many of the most common. Click on each question for more information. If you have any other questions that aren't listed here, please contact me.

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How can counseling help me meet my goals?

In addition to being an effective treatment for many mental health concerns like depression and anxiety, counseling can help you meet your personal goals. Meeting with a licensed counselor can help you think about your concerns in a new way, brainstorm new solutions to your problems, and help you cope with your experiences. Your counselor may help you learn tools and strategies that improve your ability to manage stress and decrease your negative symptoms. Talking over your history in counseling may help you make sense of your past, process old wounds, and move forward with confidence.

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What should I expect at my first session?

When we meet for our first session, my two primary goals are to introduce you to the counseling process and get to know you. We will go over your intake paperwork together, and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have about our work. I will ask about your personal history and the experiences you have had that led you to seek counseling at this time. Together, we will discuss your goals for counseling and create a plan for you to meet them. In order to make the most of your first session, I recommend arriving early and bringing your completed paperwork with you.

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How long is a session and how often do we meet?

Generally, individual sessions are 45 to 50 minutes. For families or couples, sessions may be up to 80 minutes, depending on your treatment goals and recommendations. For most clients, we will meet once weekly. However, some clients find it helpful to meet more frequently while others meet less often. As part of your overall counseling experience, we will work together to develop your personal goals and structure your treatment plan and recommendations accordingly.

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Memorial Heights Counseling Houston | Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling in Houston

Do you accept insurance?

I am considered an out of network provider for most insurance plans, meaning that you will need to pay the session fee out of pocket at the end of each session. However, you may be eligible for reimbursement or part or all of your session fee depending on your out of network benefits. I am happy to provide you with the paperwork necessary for you to do so. If you would like to use your benefits, I recommend calling your insurance company for more information before our first session.

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What is the session fee?

For 45 minute sessions, the fee is $200 for individuals and $250 for couples and families. Longer sessions may be recommended depending on your treatment goals.

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Is online counseling effective?

Research shows that counseling conducted online can be just as effective as in-person therapy, and there are circumstances in which online counseling may be a better option for some clients. Trying counseling in a different way may feel overwhelming or unfamiliar at first, so I recommend approaching your online session with an open mind and the same motivation you would bring to an in-person counseling session.

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How do I get started?

In order to get started in counseling, please fill out the appointment request form located here or click on the button below. I'll be in touch as soon as possible to schedule an intake appointment for us to discuss your personal goals and how counseling could be helpful for you.

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