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Wind in her Hair
Individual Counseling may help you address:


Trauma or Abuse History

Depression and Anxiety 

Grief or Loss

Attention Issues

Difficulty Focusing


Life Transitions

Postpartum Concerns


And many more concerns.

Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy


There are moments in everyone's life when support, care, and an outside perspective are needed. During these moments, individual counseling can be a vital resource to help you overcome current obstacles, heal from past wounds, or achieve your goals for the future. As you feel heard, empowered, and unconditionally accepted, you can begin to discover ways to reduce your negative symptoms, creatively find solutions to your problems, and grow your personal strengths.

In addition, for individual clients seeking to focus on managing specific mental health concerns, I work with those experiencing depression and mood disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD in teens and adults, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), postpartum depression and anxiety, and other diagnoses.

Individual sessions are $200 per 45 minute session. Longer session time may be recommended depending on your treatment goals. If individual counseling is right for you, please fill out our appointment request form to request more information or set up an intake session with a qualified licensed professional counselor. All counseling services are currently being offered online.

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